Professional creative director with 15+ years of experience, skilled in networking and growth. During my time at UpSellit, I was in charge of the in-house graphic design department, created multiple new solutions to offer clients, introduced many new tools to showcase our solutions to clients. Worked closely with the sales team to manage the designs and strategies for Samsung, Motorola, Autodesk, and more. 

Work Experience

Creative Director

2016 - 2022

  • Secured $1.5 million deal with key US account that relied on design mockup, bespoke presentation, and branded deck to convey scope of services.
  • Directly manage 6 graphic designers responsible for all in-house and agency-related design work commissioned by a book of 500 clients.
  • Conceptualize and created 4 new product offerings and e-commerce engagement vehicles that resulted in over $2 million in gross annual revenue. 
  • Earned ‘Employee of the Year’ for exemplary work and initiative across scope of projects and business ventures. 
  • Manage and routinely update UI / UX of all company owned domains, including both US and UK properties, to reflect rotation of new technologies, and identity.
  • Ideate and execute full design for backend reporting dashboard so stakeholders and clients can reference real-time data  .
  • Collaborate with internal sales and customer success teams to understand needs and execute design solutions that would help maximize ROI.
  • Ideate and build a site uniquely created to show how products engage and bridge the gap between sales conversations and customer understanding of products. 
  • Design, finalized, and commission all printed and traditional marketing materials for tradeshows, workshops, and networking events.

Senior Designer

2014 - 2016

  • Managed and executed all printed marketing material for business needs.
  • Effectively managed a yearly budget of $500k across all marketing channel needs.
  • Managed the portfolio of company assets including, but not limited to, websites, product photography, product catalogs, and archives. 
  • Worked with the product development team to bring new flagship products to market while maintaining seamless branded experiences in unique ways.

Senior Designer

2012 - 2014

  • Designed, pitched, and executed site designs for clients crafted to perfect their SEO strategy and frame new indexing hierarchy across search engines. 
  • Optimized client sites to address any UI / UX issues that could cause friction to form fills, conversions, or lead generation. 
  • Executed new designs on routine bases for paid media campaigns, including retargeting, display, and social. 
  • Oversaw the creation and design of all internal sales enablement material so teams could effectively bring on how books of business and clientele. 
  • Became adwords certified for the purposes of expertly carrying out the business needs for clients.

Graphic Designer

2007 - 2014

  • Collaborated with the events team to plan quarterly events as business needed. 
  • Served as the in-house lead on photography and videography across the scope of sporting & lifestyle events, including but limited to music festivals, snowboarding competitions, and local events. 
  • Assisted with the layouts of print materials and organized the structure of printed content to improve flow of magazine and guide user from page to page.

Contact Info

  • 801.808.7451