Inhouse: Management + Design + Strategy + UX|UI + Branding + Product Design + Animation + Video Editing

During my 6 years at UpSellit, I had a chance to do a wide variety of things. Starting off as a junior designer, designing emails and onsite modals for clients. Within 3 years became the Design Manager, ultimately running my team of 5 in day to day operations.

Duties included: building and maintaining our websites, created a website to showcase designs to clients, edited youtube videos, marketing materials, trade show booth designs, UI for back end client reporting, and working closely with sales to find the best solutions for our clients.


While working with my team to keep the site up to date constantly. We decided to try and go a more colorful and textured direction. The goal of this was to make people more interested in what we do by catching there eye with bright gradients and animations.

Click here to peep the site


Client Reporting Refresh

The goal of this was to give our backend client reporting an update to what we currently had.


UpSellit Walkthrough Wizard

The goal of this was to create a tool that sales can use to help show clients our technology. By highlighting areas on the screen that show where and when we launch.




Modals & Emails

Our main goal at UpSellit was to retain customers with a variety of solutions. During my time there I got to work with a lot of companies big and small. Here are a few of probably hundreds I made.


Videos & Animations

The videos below are part of a series we did online for how to optimize your site for shoppers. The Animations are SVGs we did throughout the website.